Our Sunday School meets every Sunday morning at 9:15am until morning worship.  During Sunday School your teacher will lead you through the Lifeway Sunday School resources, as you learn more about God's word.  Below you will find more information about what each Sunday school class is doing and to see if it is right for you.

Children's Sunday School

Kindergarten-3rd Grade

Teachers: John and Dawn Martin

4th-6th Grade

Teacher: June Pate  

Youth Ministry

7th-12th Grade

Teacher: Matt Scott


Naomi Class

Teacher:  Elsie Parker

Room:  Conference Room, located in the Fellowship Hall

The Naomi Class is a senior adult ladies class for women ages 70 and up.


Grace Class

Teacher:  Virginia Fineout

Room:  Fellowship Hall

The Grace class is a senior adult women's class.


Faith Class

Teacher:  Rita Crump

Room:  Chapel

The Faith class is a ladies class for 30-70 year olds.  Rita is a gifted teacher who leads the class through the Lifeway Sunday School material.


Timothy Project

Teacher: Donnie Pruitt 

Room: Upstairs in the Adult Building 

The Timothy Project Class is a mixture of adult couples and singles. 


The Explore Class

Teacher: Brother Steve Bidwell

Room: First Floor of the Children's Building 

The Explore Class is a mixture of adult couples and singles who study through books of the Bible.


Senior Adult Coed Class

Teacher:  Buddy Waters

Room:      Fellowship Hall - South

Senior Adult class is a mixture of single men, single women, and adult couples.